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Glutaforce by ABB is the L-glutamine supplement that will help you sustain all of the gains you work so hard in the gym for. Muscle tissue break down is a completely natural occurrence in the body so keeping its effects at a minimum takes proper nutrition and supplementation. No other substance to date has been found to be more effective at keeping your body from going into an anti-catabolic state than L-glutamine.

Glutaforce by ABB is not only critical, but it is a requirement for anyone who wants to build lean muscle. Any type of rigorous physical activity leads to dramatically lower glutamine levels in the body, which causes the muscle eating catabolic state in the body. Glutamine levels remain low in the body until full recovery has taken place. The only way to overcome this “catch 21” situation is by taking a glutamine supplement like ABB Glutaforce.

Glutamine will also improve your overall health by improving immune system functionality. You don’t have time to be on the side lines sick or too tired to train. Glutamine levels drop as much as 50% after you work out. It is best taken immediately after you work out as well as right before you go to sleep at night.

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