AST Sports Science Bcaa 4500mg500ct

Bcaa 4500mg500ct
Bcaa 4500mg500ct

Bcaa 4500mg500ct

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 AST Sports Science
AST Sports Science


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BCAA from AST Sports Science is an anabolic amino formula that promotes rapid muscle uptake, increase in both muscle strength and protein synthesis, speeds up muscle recovery, and reduces fatigue while enhancing endurance. BCAA is an effective source to be utilized during the cutting cycle and helps to preserve lean body mass. When used during the bulking stage, an increase in muscle cell volume is induced.

BCAA from AST Sports Science provides a blend of amino acids that are vital for great overall health. Not only are amino acids the building blocks of proteins, but they assist in tissue and organ vitality, and enhance longevity. Every person whether training or not should have a ready supply of branch chain amino acids (bcaa pills) and AST Sports Science provides all the benefits of an essential staple in healthy nutrition.

It is recommended that as a dietary supplement, AST Sports Science BCAA be taken daily. For optimal results take three tablets in the morning and three tablets in the evening. Additional servings can be taken throughout the day to enhance post-workout muscle recovery. Product must be stored in a cool and dry place and kept out of the reach of children.

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