AST Sports Science L-glutamine Gl3 750mg500ct

L-glutamine Gl3 750mg500ct
L-glutamine Gl3 750mg500ct

L-glutamine Gl3 750mg500ct

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 AST Sports Science
AST Sports Science


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Not all glutamine is created equal and L-glutamine GL3 by AST Sports Science is the proof. Its superior glutamine formulation has made an amazing muscle building supplement even better. That means a leaner body, tighter abs, bigger arms, and a more chiseled chest. People will start to think you’re “on something” when they see the rapid gains and transformed physique when you walk into the gym.

AST Sports Science L-glutamine GL3 is 100% pure and is odorless and tasteless. It has been shown to increase growth hormone levels by up to 400%. As glutamine levels are depleted during and after exercise the body goes in to a catabolic state. Catabolism is where the body eats away at existing muscle tissue making you weaker and smaller. By replenishing glutamine levels using L-glutamine GL3 your body will be reverted back into a muscle building anabolic state where existing muscle is maintained and new muscle is built.

AST Sports Science L-glutamine GL3 will also increase nitrogen retention which promotes muscle growth. You’ll be able to work out harder, longer and be able to recover quicker. Besides protein, glutamine may be the most important supplement to use in your nutritional plan. Order yours today.

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