EST Bio-pro Blend 2.2lb Chocolate

Bio-pro Blend 2.2lb Chocolate
Bio-pro Blend 2.2lb Chocolate

Bio-pro Blend 2.2lb Chocolate

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Not all protein powders are created equal as the ingredients in Bio-Pro Blend by EST attest to. Most people know to consume a whey protein supplement within twenty minutes of working out. This ensures that your body gets the protein it needs to build and repair muscle tissue. But what about all the hours after the initial workout? Whey protein is rapidly absorbed and used by the body. After that the body can go into a catabolic state and start using your muscle for fuel which results in losing those gains you worked so hard in the gym for.

With Bio-Pro Blend by EST you get a protein that has an extended release time and a complete protein profile. Bio-Pro Blend contains casein, whey and egg proteins. Casein protein is a slow release protein that forms a gel in the stomach and releases important amino acids into your body for as long as seven hours. It is the protein of choice to maintain muscle gains and is often taken at night before bed. The result is that your muscles are fed all night long while you peacefully rest and dream about getting that ripped body you want.

The engineers at EST have added DigestPRO, which assists with protein utilization and intake. No nutritional plan is complete without Bio-Pro Blend. It tastes great, mixes easy and will take you to the next level in your fitness journey.

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