LG Sciences Lipotropic Protein

Lipotropic Protein
Lipotropic Protein
Lipotropic Protein

Lipotropic Protein

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Only once every few years is there a breakthrough product that raises the bar on the entire supplement industry. Lipotropic Protein by LG Sciences is one of those products. Just like creatine and whey protein changed the lives of millions of bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts so will Lipotropic Protein. Whey protein has long been the gold standard in protein powders but the sativum protein found in Lipotropic has the ability to burn fat because of the plyphenols that naturally occur in it. Polyphenols are found in green tea and are known to burn fat and more calories per work out.

LG Sciences Lipotropic Protein is also higher in branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and glutamine peptides than whey. The two-fold fat burning process increases your metabolism because the body uses much more energy to digest protein and in combination with the fat burning power of the polyphenols your body creates a synergistic environment resulting in extreme fat loss.

Lipotropic protein is great tasting, mixes easier than whey and has zero lactose. Each powerful serving contains 115 calories and 26 grams of protein. If you’re wanting a true super supplement that will work as hard as you do in the gym you can’t pass up on this next generation protein.

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