MRM Bcaa + G Lemonade

Bcaa + G Lemonade
Bcaa + G Lemonade
Bcaa + G Lemonade

Bcaa + G Lemonade

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BCAA + G Lemonade from MRM contains a precise formula of branch chain amino acids (bcaa) and L-glutamine which are essential in building lean body mass and muscle growth. The complex formula promotes rapid muscle uptake, increase in both muscle strength and protein synthesis, speeds up muscle recovery, and reduces fatigue while enhancing endurance. Research and lab testing has proven that the amino acids found in BCAA+G help the body recover faster following intense training. Lean muscle gains are promoted and unwanted body fat is eliminated.

BCAA + G Lemonade provide a blend of amino acids that are vital for great overall health. Not only are amino acids the building blocks of proteins, but they assist in tissue and organ vitality, and enhance longevity. Every person whether training or not should have a ready supply of branch chain amino acids (bcaa powders) and MRM provides all the benefits of an essential staple in healthy nutrition.

It is recommended that as a dietary supplement, MRM BCAA+G Lemonade be taken daily. For optimal results take three scoops two times daily, to enhance muscle recovery following intense training and also during cutting or dieting phase. Product must be stored in a cool and dry place and kept out of the reach of children. Powder is aspartame and sugar free.

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