PVL Monster Maxx 10lb

Monster Maxx 10lb
Monster Maxx 10lb
Monster Maxx 10lb

Monster Maxx 10lb

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Monster Maxx 10lb by PVL was created for one reason and one reason only: To get you massive! Even the hardest gainers have gone from scrawny to scary with this advanced formula post-workout protein and weight gainer. To get bigger you need to consume up towards an extra 1000 quality calories per day. If you have a life it’s just not possible to prepare and consume whole food meals with the right mix of ingredients. PVL Monster Maxx 10lb is fortified with a ridiculous 52 grams of muscle building protein, only 8 grams of fat, 172 quality carbs and a laundry list of anabolic ingredients like branch chain amino acids and creatine.

The worst state any weight trainer or athlete can be is in a state of catabolism. A catabolic environment is caused by low nitrogen and glycogen levels in the body. The body is forced to tap into present muscle tissue to meet its needs resulting in loss of muscle and strength. PVL Monster Maxx 10lb is pumped full of 166 grams of malodextrin, which stops catabolism right in its tracks. It tastes great, mixes easily and is aspartame free. Order it today and you’ll have people asking what you’re on in no time.

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