Twinlab Carni Fuel Liquid 8oz

Carni Fuel Liquid 8oz
Carni Fuel Liquid 8oz

Carni Fuel Liquid 8oz

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Carni Fuel Liquid by Twinlab offers a superior potency of L-carnitine prepared in a fast-acting and quick absorbing liquid. This special formula improves fat metabolism during those intense workouts and exercise sessions. Research studies indicated that just two grams per day of L-Carnitine chews up unwanted fat and enhances athletic performance.

Studies have shown that one of the most effective nutrients required to enhance youthful cellular energy metabolism is the acetyl l-carnitine amino acid. This amino acid functions by way of several different mechanisms to protect those cells related to the effects of aging. With its fast absorption into the bloodstream, Carni Fuel Liquid helps transport fatty acids to where they are burned up and converted to produce more energy.

Other benefits of Twinlab Carni Fuel Liquid is that it may help build muscle and strength, improve heart function, reduce heart damage, protect against liver disorders, and protect against diabetes.

As a dietary supplement Twinlab recommends taking one tablespoonful daily as directed, and approximately one hour prior to exercise. Carni Fuel Liquid may also be mixed with your favorite juice or carbohydrate beverage. Product must be stored in a cool and dry place and kept out of the reach of children.

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