Twinlab L-carnitine 250mg 60cp

L-carnitine  250mg 60cp
L-carnitine  250mg 60cp

L-carnitine 250mg 60cp

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Do you want to get lean and have more energy to work out harder? If so, you need to try Twinlab L-carnitine 250 mg. L-carnitine has been shown to increase the body’s ability to transfer fatty acids into the mitochondrial membrane where it is produced into cellular energy. In other words it helps your body to better convert fat into energy. Carnitine is found in animal sources such as red meat. For those who are on a lean diet red meat is often left out so carnitine deficiency can occur.

L-carnitine 250 by Twinlab is an easy way to get the required amount of l-carnitine without ingesting all of the fat and calories found in red meat. Twinlab L-carnitine 250 mg also combats the buildup of fat around the major organs of the body. Several studies have shown that it greatly benefits heart functionality by increasing blood flow and inhibiting fatty deposit formation. Studies have also shown that liver function and skeletal system function improved due to less fatty deposits being formed around them.

Twinlab’s mission is to help you look and feel your best. Our supplements are manufactured at our own state of the art facility ensuring you get the safest and most quality supplement that money can buy. We’ve been a pioneer in the supplement industry for decades and have been the first company to market several different vitamins and supplements.

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