Twinlab L-ornithine 500mg 100cp

L-ornithine 500mg 100cp
L-ornithine 500mg 100cp

L-ornithine 500mg 100cp

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Amino acids are some of the best supplements and have been used for years by athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. L-ornithine 500 mg by Twinlab is an amino acid with several health benefits ranging from increased metabolism to better immune system functionality.

Twinlab L-Ornithine 500 mg has been shown to increase growth hormone levels in clinical studies. An increase in growth hormone levels has several implications in terms of altering body composition. L-ornithine 500 mg has been shown to increase insulin levels during times of strenuous exercise which means you can work out harder and longer.

L-ornithine 500 mg may also prevent muscle deterioration caused by aging. As people get older the human body cannot sustain muscle due to a slowdown in protein synthesis. Muscularity and strength begin to decline at a more rapid pace. In clinical studies Twinlab L-ornithine 500 mg was shown to decrease the effects of muscle loss at a rate twice more effective as L-arginine.

In tests done on hospitalized individuals, L-ornithine 500 mg increased the capacity to heal in victims who were hospitalized for surgery, infections, burns and even cancer. All Twinlab supplements are manufactured in to the highest qualities with no inferior ingredients added. They are inspected for safety and quality at their own manufacturing plant.

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