Twinlab L-tyrosine Plus 100cp

L-tyrosine Plus 100cp
L-tyrosine Plus 100cp

L-tyrosine Plus 100cp

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The scientists at Twinlab know how powerful the results of synergy can be when the right ingredients are combined. L-tyrosine Plus is far more effective than regular l-tyrosine supplements because of the added ingredients of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. L-tyrosine Plus has been proven to be effective at producing neurotransmitters that regulate brain functions and stabilize emotions. It is produced in the human body from the amino acid phenylalanine.

Twinlab L-tyrosine Plus assists the brain by increasing the production of l-dopa, dopamine and epinephrine. And with the added vitamins B6 and C the l-tyrosine is better metabolized and utilized. By increasing l-dopa, dopamine and epinephrine the feelings of stress, depression, anxiety and frustration may be significantly decreased. Dopamine is also a natural appetite depressant leading to weight loss. In clinical studies it has also been shown to increase natural energy levels.

L-tyrosine is found in foods such as red meat, whole wheat, and oats. People who restrict foods such as these will want to supplement with Twinlab L-tyrosine Plus to avoid depleted levels and experience the maximum effectiveness. L-tyrosine is also converted to melanin which protects the body from harmful UV rays. Bodybuilders who tan will want to use L-tyrosine plus to protect their skin from overexposure.

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