Twinlab Mega Glutamine Fuel 120cp

Mega Glutamine Fuel 120cp
Mega Glutamine Fuel 120cp

Mega Glutamine Fuel 120cp

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Mega Glutamine Fuel by Twinlab will help you keep you’re the muscle you have and build the muscle you want. L-glutamine has fast become an important supplement to athletes and bodybuilders. Mega Glutamine by Twinlab has been shown in clinical studies to help the body retain muscle and increase growth hormone levels. 60% of free form amino acids in the body is in the form of l-glutamine. When l-glutamine levels deplete due to intense exercise the body robs the l-glutamine from the muscles to meet its needs causing muscle loss. By supplementing with Mega Glutamine Fuel after a workout your body will be able to replenish its glutamine resources.

In one study where participants took just 2 grams of glutamine some individuals reported an increase of hormone levels of 400%! Just think of what a 400% increase in growth hormone would do for your workouts and physique. Twinlab Mega Glutamine Fuel has been shown to increase protein synthesis and cell volumization which all leads to you being able to keep the muscle you work hard to gain. Nothing is more frustrating than working hard at the gym only to lose muscle and strength due to poor nutrition. Order your supply today.

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