Twinlab Mega HMB Fuel 60cp

Mega HMB Fuel 60cp
Mega HMB Fuel 60cp

Mega HMB Fuel 60cp

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Mega HMB Fuel by Twinlab is fast becoming a favorite supplement because of the results in has provided for the people who use it. Nothing is more frustrating than working your butt off in the gym only to see no change in strength or physique. There are several factors to why this plateau can occur, but often times it is due to poor nutrition and supplementation. Strength trainers, athletes and bodybuilders will tell you that looking and performing your best is a result of what you feed your body and when along with working hard in the gym.

Twinlab Mega HMB Fuel has been shown to dramatically decrease the occurrence of muscle breakdown and catabolism as a result of intense training. A study of 28 participants who all supplemented with HMB showed that each participant had increases in strength, endurance and fat loss. This occurs because HMB increases the rate of protein synthesis and decreases the rate of muscle atrophy.

We all know that to build muscle tissue you need to consume protein, but by supplementing with Twinlab Mega HMB Fuel your body will use the protein more efficiently and you be able to see results much faster than with protein alone.

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