Twinlab Mega L-carnitine 500mg 60tb

Mega L-carnitine 500mg 60tb
Mega L-carnitine 500mg 60tb

Mega L-carnitine 500mg 60tb

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Working hard in the gym will only get you so far. To perform and look your best you need superior supplements such as Mega L-carnitine 500 mg by Twinlab. L-carnitine has been a favorite supplement by professional athletes and bodybuilders for many years. It has several health benefits that directly affect body composition in a positive manner. It also blocks fatty tissue from building up around major organs such as the heart and liver. Studies have shown that liver detoxification and overall heart health increase.

Mega L-carnitine 500 mg has been proven to increase the body’s ability to transport fatty acid chains to the mitochondria. What this means is the body can convert more fat into usable energy. L-carnitine is found in animal products such as red meat. Many people who are on low fat diets restrict red meat so they do not get enough carnitine. Deficiency can lead to fatigue and underperformance during times of strenuous exercise. Mega L-carnitine 500 mg by Twinlab is highly absorbable because of its formulation and purity. Twinlab Mega L-carnatine 500 mg will enhance muscle growth and produce faster recovery times so you can work out harder and longer. No longer will plateaus hold you back because of fatigue and tiredness. You’ll be able to get leaner quicker than you ever thought.

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