Twinlab Nitrate3 Fuel Mrp 20pk Chocolate

Nitrate3 Fuel Mrp 20pk Chocolate
Nitrate3 Fuel Mrp 20pk Chocolate

Nitrate3 Fuel Mrp 20pk Chocolate

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Twinlab Nitrate3 Fuel MRP not only feeds your body the essential protein, carbs, vitamins and nutrients it needs to pack on lean muscle, but it is fortified with a unique NO (Nitric Oxide) blend to give you pumps that are out of this world.

Each serving of Twinlab Nitrate3 Fuel MRP contains a ridiculous 42 grams of AminoPlex protein, 26 grams of whole grain carbs and 27 essential vitamins and nutrients. The AminoPlex protein is derived from several quality sources of protein and delivers a quality stream of amino acids to your body for up to 6 hours after consumption. That means your body is in an anabolic state of growth for many hours after you workout. The result is increased muscle mass and strength because your body is constantly fueled and muscle atrophy is at a minimum.

Nitrate3 Fuel MRP has 320 calories and only 5 grams of fat. The NO complex will dramatically increase vascularity, strength and size in no time at all. Imagine your muscles soaking in a super anabolic soup of ingredients for hours on end. It takes more than hard work to get extreme results. You need an extreme supplement and Nitrate3 Fuel MRP by Twinlab is as hardcore as it gets.

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