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Egg Protein
Egg Protein
Egg Protein
Egg Protein

Egg Protein

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Not all proteins are created equal. Egg protein is the standard and benchmark for all proteins in terms of bioavailability and protein efficiency ratio scoring a perfect 100. Instead of choking down slimy raw eggs and risking salmonella poisoning like the old timers do Vitalabs has created a pure egg protein powder supplement to help you reach your fitness and health related goals.

Eggs contain a lot of fat and cholesterol plus they are a mess if you separate the egg yolk from the white. We’ve all picked out the little pieces of broken shell out of the pan many times over when making an egg white omelet. And let’s face it, egg white omelets take time to make and are not exactly tasty.

You’ve come to the right place and your search for egg protein powders stops here. Vitalabs ensures it quality and safety of their egg protein and guarantee you’ll be satisfied. Each serving has a power packed 23 grams of pure egg protein including essential amino branch chain amino acids that are critical for building lean muscle and losing fat. It has zero fat, zero cholesterol and only 2 grams of carbs. Egg protein by Vitalabs is easy to mix and tastes great.

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