Weider Amino 6000 100tb

Amino 6000 100tb
Amino 6000 100tb

Amino 6000 100tb

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Everyone knows that amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Fitness experts and physical trainers agree that those who exercise require greater amounts of protein and amino acids than sedentary people. Rich in amino acids, Amino 6000 by Weider does its job to bring you the best results from your intense training regimen.

Amino 6000 is jam packed with a concentrated source of BCAAs or branch chain amino acids including L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, as well as L-form amino acids which are great in promoting muscle strength, protein assimilation, and post-workout muscle recovery. With each and every serving there is 6000 mg of high quality potassium caseinate which provides essential and non-essential amino acids in an easy to digest capsule.

As a dietary supplement for adults, Weider recommends that ten capsules per day be taken on an empty stomach with eight ounces of water, or five capsules two times daily can be taken as an alternative. Each serving size is ten capsules and contains only naturally occurring amino acids. Aside from amino acids, each capsule contains gelatin, silicon dioxide, and stearic acid. Amino 6000 brings about a great way to build muscle mass and exceed your nutritional needs and desires.

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