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Bcaa Chewies
Bcaa Chewies
Bcaa Chewies
Bcaa Chewies

Bcaa Chewies

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How you treat your body outside of the gym is the biggest factor in getting that lean muscular ripped body you’ve always wanted. Eating right and feeding your body the proper nutrients and amino acids is just as important as working your tail off at the gym. We all know that proper nutrition is very difficult to maintain in our society. Meetings, social engagements, eating out, family engagements all seem to put a stress on proper nutrition. This is where BCAA Chewies by Betancourt Nutrition comes in.

The professionals at Betancourt Nutrition feel your plight. They know from firsthand experience because the founder, Jorge Betancourt, was a former NPC Bodybuilding champion. He is also a father, husband and business man so he realizes it’s just not possible to carry a blender around with you to make sure you get all the protein and branch chain amino acids (BCAA) your body needs. So they decided to do something about it and they created BCAA Chewies. BCAA Chewies taste just as good as your favorite candy, but instead of being filled with calories and sugar they are packed with 2000 mg of lab-certified BCAA’s. So no matter where you are you can feed your body the leucine, isoleucine and valine it needs to protect your muscle tissue and speed up recovery. Proper nutrition has never tasted so good and been so easy.

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