Dymatize Elite Gourmet

Elite Gourmet
Elite Gourmet
Elite Gourmet
Elite Gourmet

Elite Gourmet

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Elite Gourmet by Dymatize is a complete protein for the serious fitness enthusiast and body builder who is looking for one protein powder that meets all their needs. Protein powders are a dime a dozen these days which makes it difficult to find the right one. Elite Gourmet is the perfect blend of whey protein concentrate and isolate and a milk protein blend consisting of Micelular Caseines and Caseinates. That means it works great as a post-workout protein as well as an in between shake.

The whey protein in Elite Gourmet is the most absorbable protein on the planet and once taken it goes to work building and repairing muscle tissue within minutes. The casein protein is a slow release formula that provides the body a steady flow of amino acids that help your body maintain existing muscle tissue and keep your body from going into a catabolic state where muscle tissue is eaten away. Whether you want to gain tons of ripped muscle or lose unwanted pounds Elite Gourmet protein by Dymatize will help you get there. It tastes great and mixes easily. It is consistently rated a 10 out of 10 on many top bodybuilding websites in performance and taste. Join the “Elite” club today.

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