Optimum Nutrition L-carnitine 500mg 30tb

L-carnitine 500mg 30tb
L-carnitine 500mg 30tb

L-carnitine 500mg 30tb

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Several scientific studies have shown the health benefits of l-carnitine. Optimum Nutrition is proud to offer you L-carnitine 500 mg to improve your overall health and energy. Carnitine is an amino acid found in animal products such as red meat. Carnitine deficiency can occur in people who prefer lean protein sources such as chicken and fish or in vegetarians.

L-carnitine 500 mg has been lab tested and proven to greatly enhance the body’s ability to transfer fatty acids to the mitochondria to produce cellular energy. In laymen’s terms it means that your body converts more fat into energy helping you to get leaner and have more energy.

Optimum Nutrition L-carnitine 500 mg also improves the organ performance of the heart and the liver by blocking fat from forming around them.

For athletes and bodybuilders who exercise carnitine supplementation is critical because it promotes increased oxygen in the cells. Increased oxygen in cells means your body has greater stamina to workout harder and longer. Carnitine levels deplete during physical duress and need to be depleted after exercise to maintain optimum health.

Optimum Nutrition is dedicated to bringing you the best, safest and economical supplements on the market today. We are a name you can trust and have been a global leader in the supplement industry for years. Place your order today.

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