Optimum Nutrition Liquid L-carnitine 1000 12oz

Liquid L-carnitine 1000 12oz
Liquid L-carnitine 1000 12oz

Liquid L-carnitine 1000 12oz

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There are just some supplements that a serious athlete or bodybuilder cannot do without. Liquid L-carnitine 1000 by Optimum Nutrition is one of them. L-carnitine has been proven to increase the body’s ability to turn fatty acids into usable energy. L-carnitine transports the fatty acids to the mitochondria where it is oxidized into energy.

L-carnitine is found in animal sources such as red meat. The problem is that many people avoid red meat because of its high fat and calorie content. They instead choose lean protein sources such as chicken and fish. That is a good idea but it can lead to lower levels of l-carnatine unless a supplement like Optimum Nutrition Liquid L-carnitine 1000 is utilized.

Another important benefit of l-carnitine is the increased ATP production that occurs. ATP is the energy source the body uses during exercise. Carnitine also increases oxygen in the blood increasing energy and nutrient flow.

Optimum Nutrition Liquid L-carnitine 1000 also blocks fat from forming around major organs like the heart and liver. The major health benefits of this supplement have not been overlooked by professionals in the health and science communities and you shouldn’t either. Order today and you’ll be well on your way to building that ripped healthy body.

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